Shining and sparkling

Shining and sparkling

As they say, everybody starts her/his carreer at childhood. I believe it happened to me as well. My mother was a dressmaker, so it was obvious for me that my childhood play was dressmaking for my dolls. I loved shining, sparkling, elegant dresses, so I prepared “stage costumes” and wedding dresses for my dolls.

How does a brilliant costume or wedding dress look like?

It’s full of rhinestones and flitters, of course!

So I got known the dress decoration work very early.

After finishing my education as professional dressmaker, I started to work for theathers, and more and more individual actresses, dancers, singers, performers found me – apart from the wedding dress orders. So I had the opportunity to work with different types of decorations.

My many years’ experience tells me that if you need a quality, wearable costume, you have to insist on the best quality rhinestones.

And for the timebeing it is Swarovski.

You can expect the same shining and sparkling what you get from Swarovski jewellery, and it gives quality appearance on the stage. Look at this dress of Rihanna, and decide yourself:

Don’t forget: stage costume is an investment into your act the same way as you invest your time and efforts into it!

Find your plan on our website and enjoy the stage lights!

Erzsébet Tóth Bohács

Training of a stage costume – by a dog…

Training of a stage costume – by a dog…

A stage costume sometimes is under a great pressure… Regardless whether the performer is a man or a woman.

For years we had a so called Comedy Dog act with my partner, Kristina Eötvös. This act was a combination of vertical rope and a comedy act with our trained dogs, Ronaldo and Artur. Kristina’s dress was a specific acrobat dress – red, shining, tight coverall suit – absolutely supporting her fantastic spinning on the rope, showing her figure.

My costume was nothing special for the first sight… But sometimes a stage costume must be extremely strong for a while… In the comedy dog act my trousers and my shoes had their roles. Look at the it!

My trousers had to be loose enough to drop them in the moment when I jumped up onto the rope, and Ronaldo could grab them in the right moment. At the same time my costume must have been elegant as well, because the audience did not have an idea about the “future” of my trousers and shoes.. Of course this “costume” was worn out relatively quickly: we used roughly 3 trousers per a year!

In Costume Design Plans Team I have the admirer role – but I believe my stage experience is an added value as well.

Sebastian Richter

P.S. Ronaldo is already retired, and sends his best regards to all CDP customers and website visitors.

Costume design failures

Costume design failures

What is a costume design failure from the designer’s view? All costumes which are not in line with the performer or the act, is a costume design failure.

Well, if you look at some videos via internet, you won’t need a detailed explanation how important a costume’s fit:

A wardrobe malfunction comes when a dress is not functional: it is designed just on paper and it was not tried during stage movements.

What do we expect from a good costume?

First of all it has to be a part of the show, like any other member of the act or performance. It has its role: mainly supporting the actress, giving her self confidence, highlighting her voluptuos innermost personality. (Women know exactly that being sexy is not the question of physical shapes, rather the inner feelings. A good stage costume supports these feelings.)

On the other hand we all know that the act is not the same in a jogging… The costume has to be something different. Cheapy fabrics, wrong color combinations, wrong choose of the style could result the same.

Last but not least, a costume designer must keep in mind that the costume must be alive on the stage or in the circus ring. The performer moves, jumps, runs, sits down or touches others during the show. As you can see, huge wardrobe disasters can happen…

Thanks to my own dancer career, I am fully aware of these requirements, and my designs include this experience.

Wishing you successful performances in your costume design plans dresses,

Zsuzsanna Völgyi

P.S. You can ask for your own costume design:I will be happy to get in touch with you.





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