Sebastian & Kristina – Sebastian Richter and Kristina Eötvös

Sebastian & Kristina

Sebastian & Kristina are a worldwide know illusionist duo with their Quick Change Dance act. On top of that they are talented in Washington trapeze, juggling, horse acrobatics and dog training acts as well.

In 2010, they debuted their unique combination of the art of quick change magic with different dance styles, from Rock & Roll, Tango, Charlston and Samba, that has since dazzled audiences in 14 countries throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Their international awards include:

  • 15th International Circus Festival Enschede – Nederland 2010 (Bronze Award)
  • 9th International Circusfestival of Budapest – Hungary 2012 (Arts Council Award)
  • 10th International Acrobatic Art Festival of Wuhan- China 2012 (Excellence Award)
  • 4th International Circus Festival of Hanoi – Vietnam 2012 (Audience Most Favourite Act Award)

They were quick change consultants in theatre shows such as Cinderella (in Manila) and Old Summer operette (in Budapest).

They founded CDP Costume Design Plans in 2014 to offer stage costume designing and preparation for their entertainer colleauges.


Sebastian Richter – CDP Founder & Quick Change Illusionist

Being the only man in the Costume Design Team I feel extremely lucky to work together with three talented and brilliant ladies on designing costumes.

szebasztian_1I was born in a traditional circus family, which has already 7 generations in the circus world. I was performing in different circus acts as of my early childhood. My very first act happened at my age of 3 years!

Real success came to my life in 2010, when we started Quick Change Dance act with my partner, Kristina Eötvös. We performed our award winning act on different show productions like Theaters, Circuses, Varietes, Cruise Ships and International Circus Festivals in many parts of the world.

Being in the circus life in my entire life I always put emphasis on the costume of female performers. In stage the costume is an extremely important part of the overall impression. Travelling all around the world and meeting different cultures and costume styles brought me an experience to evaluate and suggest stage dress designs that work well and support the stage act on the best way.

A female performer – singer, dancer, acrobat etc. – must express her sexuality on the stage – on a nice sophisticated way. That’s why I founded CDP Costume Design Plans.

Our whole life is a big Show! (Sebastian Richter)


Kristina Eötvös – Swarovski Consultant & sexiest Quick Change Performer

krisztinaBorn in a family working in circus world since many generations I admired my mother’s and grandmother’s performing costumes even in my early childhood, dreaming about wearing stunning stage dresses like those ones.

In our Quick Change Dance act I change my costumes 8 times in 6 minutes in front of the audience showing my beautiful costumes! As there are several dance styles in the show my costumes fit the different dance characters. It was important to design the different costumes accordingly, to express the different feelings.
I started my carrier with the so called Washingtontrapeze act for what I had many different costumes. All the time I put the emphasis on wearing a stylishly designed neat and sexy dress. Erotic appearance and aura was always important for me on the stage or in the circus ring.

Within the CDP Costume Design Plan team we take care of designing unique, sexy and characteristic costumes for supporting artistic impression!

I am happy to offer my consultancy for our customers on Swarovski and Chrisanne brand sortiments.


Your body makes you sexy. Your smile makes you pretty. But your costume makes you beautiful on stage. (Kristina Eötvös)