Circus Costume for René Caselly Junior

René’s request for his brand new costume was to prepare a brown costume in Africa style, looking modern and unique. We were working diligently on designing and preparing a costume which fits to his body, style and movements. It was important to know what kind of acrobatic elements he makes in his performance, because we had to keep in mind these facts during the designing and preparation.

Firstly we prepared the design on sketches. We work on the drawings as long as the customer finds it perfect.

Pans for Rene Jr Casselly
Pants for Rene Jr Casselly

René’s costume is consisting of trousers and tulle upper part on which golden trails and leaves are going around. He asked for a white half-long jacket, what we designed with standing collar and opened style. We suggested to use the same type of trails on the jacket as on trousers.

Having agreed on the design we ordered the fabrics mainly from Chrisanne, England. It was very important to get high quality fabrics which resist the extreme usage.

At first our tailor prepared the trousers, the upper part and the jacket. Afterwards our dressmaker prepared the decoration – she fixed the trails and leaves on. The next step was to finish the sewing by the tailor.

As the sewing part of the preparation finished, airbrush painting followed. We added shadows to the trail decoration with painting, which gives a spectacular 3D effect. We fixed the painting with ironing.

The last step was the decoration with Swarovski Crystals of what we used 6000 pieces for this elite and For the trails we mixed 3 different kinds of gold to make the brillance unique. For the jacket we used plain crystals spotted all over and the collar totally covered.

The final look is brilliant and all 6 members of the CDP Team is very proud of it!

The CDP Team is proud René Caselly Junior who won the Gold Medal of 2016 Monte Carlo Junior Festival in his CDP costume. And we are even more happy that he got his Golden Medal from Princess Stephanie in this costume!

René was so much satisfied with our common work that he insists on working again with us. René, thank you for your trust and we wish you great success!