Quick Change Costume

Based on our designing and performing experience in Quick Change Act, we design Quick Change costumes as well.

Quick Change Costumes for acts

We offer our consulting and designing services in developing your Quick Change Act, based on our wide experience in this kind of performance.

For a perfect quick change costume we need to know:

  • the style of your performance
  • music and other elements of your show

Quick Change Costumes for theatre performance

Cinderella quick change consultancy in Manila
Cinderella quick change consultancy in Manila

It happens that in theater performances a short quick change could give huge impact: like it was in Cinderella in Manila, where our team members, Sebastian and Kristina were consultants. As we all know, Cinderella is a perfect story to emphasize the magical way of changing. Thanks to quick change as an act, this moment was visible on the stage, in reality.

The Cinderella show was a big success – as it appeared in the media:


But then we would have missed the magic. With the aid of smoke and fog, a bit of pyrotechnics, and a super-quick costume change, the mice are transformed into horsemen, a white carriage arrives (but alas, no pumpkin!) and Cinderella gets a makeover, changing from peasant to princess. These transformations were much appreciated by the audience, who clapped with every dramatic presto change-o.

Another theatre performance used their quick change experience as well:

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