CDP guarantee that the design what the CDP design team designs for you will unique costume design and we not sale the design for other entertainer or dancer . The CDP costume design will be designed especialy for your dance or show for your character and for your needs with your request!

CDP look very carefully what design will fit for your body for your stile, for your movements for your dance or for your show!

CDP use just good quality fabrics for the costumes! The CDP fouinders are always looking for companys manyfacturer with high quality fabrics!

Mostly CDP costume are made with Chrisanne fabrics because they provide a unique and very high quality fabrics.

CDP guarantee that use just Swarovski crystals, rhinestones for costume decoration. They are high quality crystals with unique shine on stage! The crystal amount and sizes and styles its depends always from the costume design!

We guarantee that the CDP team members like designer, tailor, dress maker, costume painter…. Are professional in they profession with many years of experience!

CDP dance and showbiz knowleg is the guarantee that you will get the perfect costume or dress for your dance or show!

CDP Team!!

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