You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.

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Custom-made Exclusive Costumes for Dance and Showbiz

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Why to choose us?

Stage experience

Our costume design plans are worked out based on many years’ stage performance experience: dance, illusion and circus acts.

Unique Costumes

All of our costumes are designed exactly for you and your stage act. Our common experience make sure that we design and prepare costume for your needs. Just for you.

Design Solutions

We give you a nice sort of design plans to choose the best for yourself. Each of them is designed based on your own figure, ideas and moreover the type of your act.

Quality Fabrics

For the stage dress preparation we sort out the best quality fabrics and we work with professional theater dressmarkers. The decoration if top quality as well: airbrush and Swarovski crystals.

CDP Costume Design Plans Team

We design the illusion of changing the female performer into an attractive woman on stage.

What is the perfect stage costume design?

The costume is the living part of the act, the stage performance. The perfect dress supports your performance, gives you self confidence, helps you in movements and highlights your style, your sexuality and your feelings. A brilliant costume can improve the quality of any stage acts: singers, dancers, acrobats, illusionists.  A good costume design is mainly a brilliant idea, something which has good taste, unique lines, brave colours, sexy solutions and valuable accessories.

We offer our common experience and knowledge for you: our costume design plans.

Each of our costume design plans was worked out in many discussions, and they are not just design ideas. You can be sure that a dress, made after these plans would be perfect to wear on stage in your act, and dressmaking is feasible for an expercienced dressmaker.

A fantastic costume design makes the difference

Why is it important to have a marvellous costume? Everybody knows the answer. Because it is the part of the act, supporting the performer in her presence, movements, feelings, giving impression to the audience. The act can be singing, dancing, acrobatic performance – whatever.
A nice and creative costume design is really a treasure. What do you need for a proper costume design?

Creative ideas of design solutions and eye-catching shapes. Understanding how the different kinds of fabrics move and behave. Knowing what dress lines adjust your figure properly. Tips from experienced performers about colors, stage lights, appearance.

A good stage costume is your “partner” in your act.

We – the CDP Costume Design Plan Team – know that very well. One half of our team – we were born virtually next to the circus ring, the glamourous dream world, where everything changes when the lights are turned down and the spotlight starts its work. We know how much work a performer should invest from day to day, and we know the importance of a creative and well-thought stage costume. A wrong or cheapy costume could ruin many years’ work.

As performers we are proud to work together with a creative designer and a talented dressmaker: their professionality makes you sure that all the costume designs are ready to make, the fabrics for the costumes are sorted out carefully and your Costume Design Plan layout would look wonderful in reality.

Wishing you enjoyable tour in our webshop and huge success in your act!

Kristina Eötvös

Kristina Eötvös
Kristina Eötvös in her granny's rhinestone costume
Kristina Eötvös in her granny’s rhinestone costume

Stage costume designer and professional dressmaker service

tailor made costume design

The costume, the stage dress you are dreaming about… Designed & made especially for your act, for your figure and in line with your preferences. That’s it!

Since the beginning of the Costume Design Plans company,  we got many requests from all over the world for our Costume Sewing service. Perfomers, singers, circus artistes aware how important it is to give good impression with a stage costume. Sophisticated lines, tricky decoration, premium fabrics and Swarovski rhinestones – that is the added value of a tailor made costume. Our common experience is a guarantee for that.

A good costume could bring you the real carrier: a brilliant idea, a well-thought act, expressive and eye-catching decoration. Some decades ago we had to be very inventive. Now – you can buy marvellous fabrics and breathtaking Swarovski Crystals as dress decorations. All you need now – is the touch of a designer & professional costume maker team! At Costume Design Plans you can get all-in-one. (Zsuzsanna Farkas-Kövesi, artiste, Duo Ernesto)

A good costume could “work” perfectly even for decades… Zsuzsanna’s rhinestone costume fits perfectly on Kristina Eötvös, her granddaughter.

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