Zsuzsanna Völgyi

Designer, Dancer and Psychologist

zsuzsaDrawing and designing dresses and costumes were in my focus since my childhood – I believe I told that “I want to be a fashion designer” at my age of 4. From that point on I took drawing courses, learnt at private teachers, visited DIY courses, comptetions and then I attended art grammar school where drawing and arts were the most important learning areas every day.

In 2002 I met the world of professional dance. I fall in love with dance for the first time and apart from the joyfulness of dance, a fantastic world was opened for me concerned costumes, aesthetics and creativity.

I took part on many professional dance competitions both as dancer and spectator, therefore I am aware of importance of the view, the appearance, as the performer enters the stage or the dancer steps onto the parquet. It is important to be aware what you want express, what feelings, moods, stories you want to show and you have to find the perfect costume which is in harmony with our ‘communication’. I know it is not always easy, because it is different to decide whether you want elegant, trendy, sexy, happy or extravagant costume.

Our team would be happy to help in this decision with costume design plans, and I am personally happy to share my ideas and drawings having huge amounts of inspiration from my 10 years’ professional dancer carrier concerning style, colours shapes and small details.

I designed many dresses in the past years and I am happy to add my knowledge of costume design to many artists’ acts as the designer of Costume Design Plans.

I don’t design clothes, I design dreams. (Ralph Lauren)