Costume Sewing service


CDP Team makes creative stage & dance costumes, summarizing our common knowledge about performance, dressmaking and design.
We provide unique and creative designs and taylor made dresses supporting the performer or dancer to express her feelings in the act or dance.

We prepare your costumes:

Preparation of female and male stage costumes

Costumes for: Singers, Latin, Standard & Ballroom Dancers, Belly Dancers, Skating Dresses, Magician costumes, Magician assistant costumes, Circus Costumes for aerial artists, acrobats, jugglers, hula-hoop, contortionists, equilibrists, etc….

Dress made from Chrisanne fabrics and 14.000 Swarovski Crystals


Our team pay huge attention on preparation of stage costumes. We talk over all the tiny details to fulfil the requirements of the Customer.

Paying attention on all details…

We work together with professional dressmakers, tailors with big experience in dance, theater and show business who prepare stage costumes both for male and female performers. Our working partner in the process is a professional painter, who has huge experience in painting designs prepared by the CDP costume designer even with 3D effect.

1. step: counselling via e-mail, phone or VIBER

The Customer explains his/her requirements and budget. Based on that we prepare a quotation. After the acceptance of the quotation we send a proforma invoice to ask for advance payment of 30% , which could be paid by bank transfer, credit card or


We send a measurement table and ask the Customer to send us all the relevant measures.

Choosing the right fabrics

2. step: start of dress preparation

We choose the fabrics carefully, matching the requirements of the Customer, focusing on the quality.Or main partner in fabrics is Chrisanne. The timeframe of the costume preparation depends upon the complexity of the design, availability of the fabrics and ongoing sewing projects.

When the costume is ready, we send a photo of the dress, and after the full payment we will ship the costume via DHL.


The female dresses could be adjusted – to make them narrow or loose.

If you find any problems, you can send back the costume within 15 days and we adjust the problem free of charge.

If the costume needs rhinestone decoration, we use only Swarovski Crystals, because we believe that they give real value to the stage costumes thanks to their special cutting technology.

Costume made for Kimberly Lester with 8600 Swarovski crystals

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A good costume could “work” perfectly even for decades…

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