Gold Clown prize for Merrylu & Jozsef Richter

On the 42nd International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo the GOLD Clown prize winners are Merrylu & Jozsef Richter! And on top of the GOLD Clown, the talented group won the Audience Prize as well.

They performed their great exotic animal act, with the amazing Jockey group and Pas de Deux act. They were wearing a CDP costume in the marvellous stunning Pas de Deux act, a white and brown costume what was made with over 8.000 Swarovski Crystals!

We are very proud and happy about Merrylu & Jozsef Richter’s success, and all of our team congratulate for them and wish a big luck for their future life and career!

CDP is very glad that the artists, who wear our costumes on circus festivals, are always price winners!